Rupert Murdoch Wonders If ‘Thin Skinned’ Donald Trump Is Getting Tired

“Is flying around the country every day tiring him?” media mogul tweets

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Rupert Murdoch, who’s supported Ben Carson on social media for months, poked fun at the “thin skinned” Donald Trump following CNN’s GOP debate.

The media mogul suggested Trump let attacks from other candidates get in his head.

“Donald Trump seems to be getting even more thin skinned! Is flying around the country every day tiring him? Would anybody else.” Murdoch tweeted.

He also offered praise for Jeb Bush, pointing to the fifth debate as his “best performance yet.”

Trump, of course, loves to hit back against his media foes, but so far, he hasn’t responded to Murdoch’s slight.

But recent history suggests he will as his on-again, off-again feud with Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, star host Megyn Kelly and a slew of its political analysts has kept journalists busy.