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Rupert Murdoch’s Liability: John Hockenberry and WaxWord Debate (Video)

Whither Rupert Murdoch? John Hockenberry, host of PRI's “The Takeaway,” joined me on Friday to debate the biggest stories of the week

Rupert Murdoch was condemned this week by a British parliamentary committee as "not fit" to run his media empire.

John Hockenberry, award-winning host of “The Takeaway,” a Public Radio International news program broadcast daily from WNYC in New York, joined me on Friday to debate that and other big  stories of the week. 

Hockenberry thinks that the parliament may be overstepping its bounds.

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We talk about transnational companies in the 21st century and where their loyalties lie, Apple and its tax evasiveness and – naturally – the weekend’s global blockbuster brought to you by Disney, “The Avengers.”

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