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Joy Behar Rips Rush Limbaugh: ‘Friendly’ in Private, ‘Racist’ and ‘Hateful’ On Air (Video)

”What good is it if he’s a nice guy backstage?“ she tells ”The View“

Joy Behar ripped into Rush Limbaugh on Monday’s episode of “The View,” calling the conservative radio personality “friendly” in private but “racist,” “hateful” and “misogynistic” on the air.

The co-host’s criticisms came as part of a larger conversation about Republican senators who seem to be publically distancing themselves from Trump as the election draws near. Moderator Whoopi Goldberg used Republican Texas senator John Cornyn as an example, noting that Sen. Cornyn “disagrees with you-know-who privately to take care of business.”

Behar drew on her experience with Limbaugh for context, recalling a time when they worked on the same floor in the early 1990s.

“His show came on after mine on the radio, and sometimes I would see him; he was around,” she said, calling the radio host a “very friendly guy,” who “probably has a few laughs in him” and remembering a time when “he lifted me up off the ground.”

Although she said Limbaugh is “nice in private,” she had an entirely different opinion of his public persona.

“On the radio, he’s hateful, he’s racist, he’s misogynistic, and he incites very bad things, very bad behavior,” she said. “What good is it if he’s a nice guy backstage and can lift Joy Behar up into the air? It’s useless. Just like this guy Cornyn is useless.”

TheWrap has reached out to Limbaugh for comment.

Watch the clip below.