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Rush Limbaugh Takes a Hit as Ratings Crater 33%

Fellow rightwing host Sean Hannity also takes a hit according to a new report by Arbitron

Rush Limbaugh's rants against Obama-care and the great birth certificate controversy of 2011 have done nothing to lift the rightwing bomb thrower in the ratings. 

Limbaugh's ratings fell 33 percent from October, according to a new study from Arbitron.

He's not the only ultra-conservative talk show host with listener-ship issues. Sean Hannity's afternoon show slid 28 percent from last fall, according to Crain's Business. 

A spokesperson for Premiere Radio Networks, which broadcasts both shows, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. 

Maybe Sunday's return visit to "Family Guy" will help restore Rush's luster. Limbaugh guest starred on  "It's A Trap," the season finale of "Family Guy" voicing a "Star Wars"-inspired monster. 

Video below: