Rush Limbaugh: Trump ‘Undermined His Own Strategy’ During Debate

The conservative radio host also complained that the debate was somehow “unfair” to Trump

Donald Trump debate

Rush Limbaugh said Trump “undermined his own strategy” during Tuesday night’s debate with Joe Biden.

“He had a strategy, and the strategy didn’t work. But he had a strategy. And he undermined his own strategy,” Limbaugh said on his Wednesday radio show.

Still, the conservative radio host complained that the debate was somehow “unfair” to Trump and complained that moderator Chris Wallace interrupted the president, even though Trump himself repeatedly interrupted both Wallace and Biden.

“We don’t want moderators who are control freaks,” Limbaugh said. “Trump wanted to debate. He desperately wanted to debate. Instead, we got a scolding ‘tsk tsk, you’re not listening to the questions’ moderated kind of debate, and it was just frustrating. It was frustrating all the way around.”


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