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Russell Brand Shows MSNBC Anchors How to Do Their Job (Video)

The comedian loses his patience on "Morning Joe" after hosts refuse to take him seriously

Russell Brand stopped by MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Monday to promote his upcoming comedy tour, "The Messiah Complex," but instead, spent more than eight minutes listening to three condescending anchors referencing his chest hair, fashion sense and funny accent.

"Joining us now, he's a really big deal — I'm told this, I'm not very pop cultured, I'm sorry — comedian, movie star, author and host of the show 'Brand X,' Russell Brand," co-host Mika Brzezinski introduced him.

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Brand looked a bit puzzled by that welcome, but proceeded to play along with the banter between Brzezinski and two panelists, Katty Kay and Brian Shactman.

Instead of discussing Brand's tour topic about how messiah icons — like Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ — posthumously designate social consciousness, Kay and Shactman were more interested in Brand's silver boots and how his shirt exposed some of the hair on his chest.

But then Shactman took a break from shallow observations and asked Brand "a serious question" about whether acting or stand-up comedy was more difficult. And Brand gave a serious answer.

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"You know what happens if you work in media, people like to change the information, so it serves a particular agenda," Brand said. "If you're in a room of people than what you're saying is clear. If you say something that people are confused about, you can explain it to them then, if you say something as a joke, people can't pretend that you're saying it seriously, so I like having direct communication with people because I believe people are very, very intelligent, but the information gets manipulated a lot and people like to cause fake stirs."

Good point, but what about that funny sounding accent?

"You know, funny, the accent. When I see him in person, it's totally fine," Shactman confessed as he immediately changed the subject. "'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' or the TV show, it's fine, but on satellite radio in the car, I can't understand a single joke you say."

Brand didn't seem to mind the casual jab, but couldn't put aside the the amount of times all three of his hosts referred to him in the third person.

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"You are talking about me as if I'm not here, and as if I'm an extraterrestrial. You know I'm from a country that's near to you," Brand said. "You shouldn't say 'he' when a person is present. You should refer to the person by their name. That is basic good manners. Is this what you all do for a living?"

It's at that point when Brand loses his patience and takes over their job of "conveying news to the people of America." 

Watch the Brand broadcast, below: