Piers Morgan, Former Prime Minister David Cameron Among New Group of Brits Banned From Russia

They join an earlier “stop-list” which included Boris Johnson, members of parliament and journalists

piers morgan, david cameron split
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Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has unveiled yet another blacklist of British individuals banned from entering the country, including conservative broadcaster Piers Morgan, ex-prime minister David Cameron and a slew of other businesspeople, reporters and politicians.

The 39 people named on Aug. 1 join a previously revealed “stop-list” of Brits, which included journalists from outlets like the Guardian, BBC, Daily Telegraph and the Times; ministers of defense and transport and the first minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon.

Responding to his name being on the ban, Morgan tweeted, “It wasn’t on my immediate vacation to-do list.”

In a statement accompanying the list, the department wrote that its reasoning was informed by “the mechanism of sanction restrictions with respect to representatives of Russia’s socio-political circles, domestic economic operators and mass media.” The individuals chosen reflect those who “contribute to London’s hostile course aimed at the demonization of our country and its international isolation,” the statement continued.

“As has been noted more than once, the U.K.’s pernicious actions of planting Russophobia, spreading unreliable information about our country and supporting the Kyiv neo-Nazi regime will receive an adequate and decisive response from the Russian side. Opting for confrontation is a conscious decision of the British political establishment, which bears all responsibility for the consequences,” the statement concluded.

At the end of the list, the Foreign Affairs department said it would continue its work on “expanding” the list. Prior to naming prominent British figures who would be banned from the country, Russia unveiled a list of nearly 1,000 Americans it would prohibit from stepping foot inside its borders, including Rob Reiner, Morgan Freeman, AOC, the late Senator John McCain and more.