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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Down With Kate McKinnon’s ‘SNL’ Version of Her (Video)

The Supreme Court justice also talked #MeToo during her interview with NPR’s Nina Totenberg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally chimed in with an opinion that “SNL” fans have been waiting years to hear.

While in Sundance to talk and promote “RBG,” the upcoming CNN documentary about her life, Ginsburg revealed that not only is she aware of Kate McKinnon’s impression of her, but that she actually enjoys it.

The 84-year-old told NPR’s Nina Totenberg that she was introduced to McKinnon’s version by her children, and also revealed that she actually uses the line that’s made McKinnon’s character so popular on “SNL.”

“I liked the actress who portrayed me,” Ginsburg said of McKinnon. “And I would like to say, ‘Gins-Burn!’ sometimes to my colleagues.”

Also during the interview, Ginsburg praised the #MeToo movement, sharing stories of her own from her collegiate days at Cornell where she said she was harassed by a chemistry professor.

“Every woman of my vintage knows what sexual harassment is, although we didn’t have a name for it,” Ginsburg said. “For so long women were silent, thinking there was nothing you could do about it, but now the law is on the side of women, or men, who encounter harassment and that’s a good thing.”

Watch the full interview in the video above.