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Ryan Gosling and Britney Spears Have a ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ Reunion on ‘Ellen’ (Video)

”First Man“ star and pop singer haven’t seen each other since the Mickey years, apparently

It’s a reunion 90-year-old Mickey Mouse would love.

At the “Ellen” show on Friday, former “Mickey Mouse Club” members Ryan Gosling and Britney Spears were reunited for the first time in what felt like forever. In fact, neither star could even remember the last time they’d run into the other.

“Neither one of us could remember,” Gosling told his host. “Which I think is a sign that it’s been a while.” What the “First Man” star did remember was Spear’s “freakish” talent.

“I remember when we first got to the show, they sort of had all the kids perform for one another,” he said. “I remember it was Christina Aguilera and then Britney performed. And I remember thinking, ‘ohhh, OK, so they’re, like, freakishly talented.’ You know? I was used to working with talented people, but that was another level.”

So what talent did Gosling bring to the show?

“I think I was just like, ‘I’m Canadian!'” Gosling said with a little jazz hand, to cheers from the audience. “And they were like, ‘Good.'”

Spears was visiting the show to make a big announcement … that she will be making an announcement on Oct. 18.

Watch the clip above.