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Ryan Gosling Dances Seductively – at Age 10 (Video)

A pre-adolescent Ryan Gosling busts out some serious moves, at a Mormon talent show, while accompanied by his sister, and you know you can't help watching

Ryan Gosling obviously had a running start on his journey to heartthrob status.

Vulture has unearthed archival footage of a then-10-year-old Gosling busting out some serious moves at a Mormon talent show in 1991, accompanied by his sister Mandi.

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And even though it looks like he's wearing a shirt that was robbed from a jockey's closet, one thing is clear: The Gozzer knew how to work it even then. We'll leave it up to the reader to decide if that's unsettling or adorable, given his age at the time.

Watch the spectacle unfold in the video.