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Ryan Gosling Grabs Kimmel Audience Member to Act Out ‘The Nice Guys’ Scene (Video)

Karen — as Russell Crowe — punches her co-star, mounts him, and even snaps his arm

A “Jimmy Kimmel Live” audience member named Karen had a better Monday night than pretty much any other woman in America.

Guest Ryan Gosling didn’t really feel like showing a clip from his upcoming film “The Nice Guys,” so he elected to act one out instead. The heartthrob selected Jimmy Kimmel to read stage direction, then grabbed the lucky audience member to play Russell Crowe‘s part.

“My first acting gig,” she said.

“You can’t be worse than Russell,” Gosling quipped.

Turns out, she’s not so great. But to be fair, Karen was quite distracted — especially when the scene called for her to mount Gosling.

“The Nice Guys” strolls into theaters on May 20.

Watch the video above.