Ryan Gosling Spits on a Baby in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promos (Video)

“SNL” star Aidy Bryant brags to her crush about how much she can bench

Aidy Bryant crushes on Ryan Gosling in their shared “Saturday Night Live” promos — hard — and she doesn’t seem to get turned-off even when Gosling spits on a baby.

The duo took to the public halls of 30 Rock for a fairly unconventional “SNL” promo shoot, one in which Bryant really pushes to make-out with the hunky “Big Short” star. After that fails, the two share a really uncomfortable silence, which neither seems to particularly dislike.

Later, Bryant brags that she can bench like 250 lbs., and so the actors head off to the gym and “wail on” their pecs.

With her daily workout in the books, Bryant spends the rest of the clip trying once-again to hit on her host. It doesn’t quite pan out the way she fantasized, however.

Watch the video above. Gosling’s musical guest on Saturday is Leon Bridges.

Other December episodes of the NBC sketch series will be hosted by Chris Hemsworth (Dec. 12) and the team of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (Dec. 19).