Ryan Lochte’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Return Draws Praise and Pause on Twitter

Plus “Urkel” surprises Calvin Johnson, Ted Cruz pimps Rick Perry and a slip of the tongue that stunned the audience

Dancing with the Stars Erin Andrews Calvin Johnson

No one was tackled, arrested, broke a bone or otherwise created an embarrassing scene, but “Dancing With the Stars” still had viewers chatting away on social media Sunday night as celebs and pros tangoed and paso dobled across their screens.

Famous faces and names also joined in on the fun, including a few who jumped on the “vote for my friend” bandwagon:

Ryan Lochte received both praise and pause from viewers:


While fans of the show rallied around their favorites:

Another found a way to party their way through the two hours:

But Twitter went really crazy when dance pro Sasha Farbo made a rather awkward language faux pas that left the audience — and the judges — gasping: