Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon Spit in Each Others’ Face (Video)

Happy Friday

It’s finally Friday, so watch Jimmy Fallon and Ryan Reynolds spit in each others’ face.

“The Tonight Show” introduced a weird new game, Spit Take Roulette, on Thursday. Here is how it works: A participant picks a cup filled with (concealed) liquid. If it’s filled with water, they must spit it into their opponent’s face. If it’s anything BUT water, the player swallows it. The first to spit three times in the other guy’s grille wins.

Yeah, sounds like fun.

The first few cups were all water, and Reynolds was on the receiving end of the initial drenching.

“Open mouth!” Reynolds exclaimed in horror while watching the H2O assault back in slow motion.

“I can taste your childhood,” Reynolds said, before mouthing a cup of agua and dousing Fallon right back.

That trend continued, with breaks for gin, apple juice, ginger ale and Tang. There was also pickle juice on the table, but the boys never got to it. In the end, Fallon was declared the victor, though there were clearly no actual winners here.

Watch the video above, because let’s face it, you don’t want to work.

“Pokémon Detective Pikachu,” starring the voice of Reynolds in the titular role, hits theaters Friday, May 10.