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Ryan Reynolds Has a Novel – and Smelly – Way to Get Rid of Guests This Christmas (Video)

Happy holidays from Yankee Candle

Last Updated: December 19, 2019 @ 7:41 AM

Jimmy Fallon staying a bit too long at your Christmas party? Ryan Reynolds only has so much patience, but he’s got the perfect solution to the problem. (And no, it’s not making the “Tonight Show” host watch “Green Lantern.”)

When “over-the-top yawning” doesn’t work, and standing up and announcing “Well, I guess I should be going since it’s so late, wait, I live here, I’m not the one who should be leaving” falls on deaf ears, try the Get the F@*! Out of My House-scented candle.

The special Yankee Candle smells “like someone’s microwaving garbage,” according to houseguest Fallon, who suddenly remembered he’s got a *thing.*

Officially, fragrances include Old Shrimp, Sweaty Crocs, Hot Broccoli in a Ziploc Bag, Egg Fart, and of course, New Jersey.

Pick your (probably literal) poison. They’re all guaranteed to get them the F@*! out.

Watch the video above.