Ryan Reynolds Wants to Take Over Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic (Video)

“Deadpool 2” star’s Aviation American Gin partners with the UK airline but Reynolds has his sights set on a company merger

Ryan Reynolds has set his career ambitions sky high — at 35,000 feet on Virgin Atlantic’s fleet of planes, to be exact.

The “Deadpool 2” star has partnered with Sir Richard Branson’s U.K.-based airline to have his Aviation American Gin served on its flights and in Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses.

But Reynolds thinks the deal goes much deeper than that and proposes a merger between the two companies.

“I think it is safe to say that today, Sir Richard, we’re making corporate history,” Reynolds boasts in the announcement video, taking the British business mogul by surprise.

But Reynolds wasn’t done. “We’re pleased to announce that Virgin Atlantic and Aviation Gin are merging.” Cue slow clap.

“Actually, this is more of a partnership announcement,” Virgin Group founder Branson corrects, but Reynolds is more interested in the “OMGWTF” factor of the deal as he combines the two companies into Aviavirgination.

That’s too much for the polite Brit, who drops an F-bomb and walks off in disgust.

While we don’t recommend buying up stock in Aviavirgination anytime soon, select passengers on board Virgin Atlantic flights on the Sept. 30 will get a special mixology experience hosted by bartenders from some of the world’s best bars, from The Dead Rabbit in New York to Smugglers Cove in San Francisco.

Virgin Atlantic and Aviation Gin will also be bringing their partnership to this year’s London Cocktail Week Oct. 3-7 with unique activations at the Old Truman Brewery. Guests can stop by for exclusive Aviation Gin cocktails from some of the world’s best bars, including Employees Only’s First Blush or Black Tail’s Terminal A.