Ryan Seacrest Makes Surprise House Calls in First Look of Fox’s ‘Knock Knock Live’ (Video)

The “American Idol” host will surprise people in their homes, making their wishes a reality in the live event series

Fox shared a first look at the Ryan Seacrest series “Knock Knock Live” on Monday.

In the promo clip for the weekly reality event series, Seacrest surprises people at their homes in the middle of the night accompanied by cameras recording the visits for television.

The series, hosted by Seacrest enlists friends, family and neighbors to help him pay visits to unsuspecting people, granting them with cash prizes, visits from their favorite celebrities or the fulfillment of other wishes that might have seemed unimaginable previously.

“It all goes down live,” says Seacrest in the clip. “Where anything can happen.”

The show is produced by Simon Fuller‘s XIX Entertainment and Dick Clark Productions.

“Knock Knock Live” premieres July 21 on Fox.