Ryan Serhant on ‘While We’re Young’ Role, ‘Million Dollar Listing: NY’ Return: ‘Pure Insanity’ (Video)

Bravo reality star also shares whether his upcoming wedding will be featured on the show in new episode of TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars”

Ryan Serhant is not only one of the top real estate brokers in New York City and the star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing: New York,” he’s also a former actor who has returned to the craft in Noah Baumbach‘s new film “While We’re Young.”

So what prompted the return to acting? “I got out of acting not really consciously. It was because I was out of money,” Serhant said during a new episode of TheWrap‘s “Drinking With the Stars.” “I had to get a ‘survival job’ and I didn’t want to bartend … so I got into real estate. The casting directors on this movie saw a couple of seasons of ‘Million Dollar Listing’ and they e-mailed me.”

In his first movie role, Serhant was directed by Baumbach and shared scenes with Ben Stiller. “It was a pretty incredible experience,” he said. “For my first movie, being directed by Noah Baumbach personally, in a movie that’s produced by Scott Rudin, and acting alongside people like Ben Stiller, who I grew up watching and idolizing, it took me a while when I first started to not freak out.”

On his TV show, however, he got along less well with castmates and fellow real estate brokers Fredrik Eklund and Luis Ortiz, despite the three seemingly turning a corner in last season’s reunion show.

“I just feel older and battered because of what we’ve all been through,” Serhant teased of what to expect in the upcoming season. “There’s a storyline in the first few episodes between me and Frederik that’s just pure insanity. If you like watching our juxtaposition, this is just ridiculous.”

Serhant also revealed that his emotional engagement to girlfriend Amelia will be featured on the show, and that their upcoming wedding, taking place in Greece, will probably be televised as well.

“I’m sure it will be,” he said. “I haven’t told her about it yet, but yeah, it should be.” “While We’re Young” is in select theaters now.

“Million Dollar Listing: New York” returns at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Apr. 15 on Bravo.