Gun Store Owner Says He Caught Sacha Baron Cohen in Disguise: ‘You’re Borat’ (Video)

Norris Sweidan says “Who Is America?” star impersonated a Hungarian immigrant while trying to buy a gun

A gun store owner says he’s turned the tables on Sacha Baron Cohen by catching him on camera impersonating a Hungarian immigrant while trying to buy a gun for his new series, “Who Is America.”

“Off the bat, you can see in the video, I’m looking like: this guy does not look like a Hungarian immigrant,” Norris Sweidan told FOX 11 of the February 2017 encounter. “Tight-ass leather pants, a beard, it just didn’t fit. … The moment his words came out of his mouth, I was like: This guy is full of s—.”

“I’m looking at the producer and I’m just like, am I being fooled right here?” Sweidan added. “And I just kept looking at the guy, and I was like, ‘You’re Borat.’ As soon as I said that his eyes just looked at me…and he did a turn right out the door.”

“Borat” was the name of the character Baron Cohen played in the 2006 film of the same name.

Sweidan said the man he believes was Baron Cohen left his crew behind when he exited the store. His shop, Warrior One Guns & Ammo, is located in Riverside, California.

“We basically told them to get the f— out, you guys are all full of s—, have a great day, get out,” Sweidan said.

“Once I knew it was Borat, we already know his game and his bull—-, so we knew he’s here to make a mockery, and of what? Gun owners? The gun business, gun shops,” he added.

He believes the actor was attempting to film a scene for his new Showtime series, “Who is America?” — which debuted last Sunday — and picked his store because it’s currently in production on a show called “Down the Barrel.” Sweidan said the surveillance video he provided to Fox 11 (seen above) shows Baron Cohen in the store.

He also thinks people shouldn’t fall for Baron Cohen’s disguises. He referred to the gun-rights advocates who were seen on Sunday’s show speaking out in favor of arming small children.

“You’ve got some gun advocate holding a bunny on some gun,” he said. “If you’re a gun advocate, what the f— are you doing holding a gun with a bunny on it, really?”

“He was fake, the producers were fake, the show was fake, and Showtime is fake to be honest with you,” Sweidan added. “They want a real story, come talk to us. We’ll give you a real story.”

Showtime had no comment when reached by TheWrap, and representatives for Baron Cohen did not immediately respond to a request.