Sacha Baron Cohen Asks Howard Dean If He’s Seen Hillary’s ‘Lady Parts’

Baron Cohen tried to put one over on Dean and Jill Stein as his right-wing conspiracy theorist character Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick

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Sacha Baron Cohen goofed on two liberal figures Sunday on “Who Is America,” trying to get Howard Dean to comment on Hillary Clinton’s gender, and asking Jill Stein about whether climate change is real.

As his character Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick, Baron Cohen brought a conspiracy theory to 2004 Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean: the question of whether Hillary Clinton is actually a man.

“Do you believe Hillary Clinton is actually a woman?” Ruddick asked Dean.

“I know, there’s lots of ideas floating around, and you know, I know her,” Dean responded.

Baron Cohen’s then showed Dean a Photoshopped image of Clinton, pointing to a portion of the image showing Clinton’s leg and asking him to explain a bulge.

“I explain that as maybe the trouser presser did a lousy job, who knows,” Dean told him.

“You think the trouser press created a perfect penis?” Ruddick said,

“I can’t go here,” Dean replied, clearly flustered. “We’re not going to find out because we’re not going to examine her.”

Ruddick also showed a photo of Clinton standing at a urinal in a bathroom.

“So you’re telling me that is fake news,” Ruddick said to Dean. “Governor have you seen her lady parts?”

“I have not,” Dean said.

“Isn’t that convenient,” Ruddick said to end the segment.

Baron Cohen as Ruddick also interviewed 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein about climate change — which he called “climax change.” He told her “temperature is cyclical,” to which Stein replied that general trends show temperatures rising on the whole year over year.

“I don’t know if I agree with that,” Ruddick said, producing a temperature line graph on his computer. “Temperature goes up and down. Look at January, it’s lower, then it goes up a little bit in April. In July it’s really hot, you know, the liberals will be freaking out, saying we gotta buy a Tesla from Lena Dunham. No, hey, relax. In November and December it’s down again. It’s clearly a pattern.”

“You’re demonstrating that the seasons change,” Stein replied. “That’s over one year.”

Moving on, Ruddick asked Stein about an increase in hurricanes because of global warming. When she said that the number of hurricanes had not increased, but their intensity had, he brought her another conspiracy theory.

“There’s a lot of evidence that the CIA is weaponizing weather,” Baron Cohen’s Ruddick said. “They would fly out helicopters over the last 16 years over the ocean, helicopters with whisks on them, and that would create a hurricane.”

“Billy, you can’t create a hurricane by mixing the air up,” Stein said. “Do you know what creates a hurricane?”

Ruddick ended the segment trying to convince Stein that he prove the CIA’s hurricane-producing program because he could buy a helicopter with a whisk on it on eBay. The certified seller rating, he said, proved the machine was legit.