Joe Arpaio Tells Sacha Baron Cohen ‘It Wouldn’t Surprise Me’ If Trump Had a ‘Golden Shower’

The former sheriff also tells a new Baron Cohen character if Trump offered him “an amazing blow job,” he would accept

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Joe Arpaio was interviewed by Sacha Baron Cohen on Sunday’s “Who Is America?” during which the former Arizona sheriff said that if Donald Trump offered him “an amazing blow job,” he’d take it.

Arpaio also told Baron Cohen “It wouldn’t surprise me” when the comedian asked if Arpaio thought Trump had had a “golden shower.”

The former Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff was pardoned by Trump in August 2017.

Baron Cohen talked with Arpaio during a segment where the comedian took on the role of fictional Finnish YouTube star OMGWhizzboyOMG. During the segment, Baron Cohen unboxed “Shopkins” toys for his viewers, while discussing gun control and Trump with Arpaio.

First, OMGWhizzboy opened a Shopkins toy, “D’lish Donut,” and used it to ask Arpaio about gun control. Arpaio told the toy that he believes “Guns don’t kill, people kill.” He explained the “good guy with a gun” reasoning for not restricting gun ownership — claiming that if D’lish Donut didn’t believe in owning guns, he hoped that one of the other Shopkins did.

As the discussion continued, OMGWhizzboy explained that he was pro-gun.

“I have 43 guns,” Baron Cohen’s character said to Arpaio. “I’ve been collecting them for the upcoming race war.” That admission didn’t raise much reaction from the former sheriff.

Trump pardoned Arpaio after he was convicted of illegally detaining Latinos when he was a sheriff in Arizona. He also described his “Tent City” extension of the Maricopa County Jail as a “concentration camp.” The 86-year-old Arpaio is currently a candidate for the Arizona Senate.

Later in the segment, Baron Cohen asked Arpaio about how rich Trump is, and seemed to confuse Arpaio by slipping in common slang terms for sex acts in his questions.

“Oh, Donald Trump, he’s your friend — do you think he might have had a golden shower?” Baron Cohen asked Arpaio.

“It wouldn’t surprise me,” Arpaio returned.

“Oh, I would love to have a golden shower,” Baron Cohen continued. “Do you think there’s any way you could get President Trump to give me a golden shower?”

Arpaio didn’t seem clear on what he was being asked, so instead predicted that Trump would like OMGWhizzboy.

“I’ll tell you one thing, if he sees this, and the way you’re speaking, he’s going to like you because you think like he thinks,” Arpaio said.

Next, Baron Cohen described his first job, “a handjob from his mother,” which also seemed to confuse the former sheriff. When Baron Cohen asked Arpaio about his first “hand job,” Arpaio talked about being elected sheriff when he was 60, and his work ethic.

Playing off the fact that Arpaio didn’t seem to know what a “hand job” referred to and thought two men were discussing employment, Baron Cohen took the joke a step further.

“So if Donald Trump calls you up after this and says, ‘Sheriff Joe, I want to offer you an amazing blow job,’ would you say yes?” Baron Cohen asked.

“I may have to say yes,” Arpaio told him.