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Sacha Baron Cohen Revives Borat on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Video)

British comedian brings back beloved character to reveal trailer for new film “The Brothers Grimsby”

Sacha Baron Cohen brought Borat, one of his most popular comedic personalities, out of retirement on Wednesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The character, a journalist from Kazakhstan, appeared on the late-night show to reveal the new trailer for Baron Cohen’s new film, “The Brothers Grimsby.”

But in true Borat style, he took a few swipes at Amerian culture and politics. Borat said he disapproves of all of Baron Cohen’s characters, especially Donald Trump. When Kimmel told Borat that Trump was in fact a real person, Borat was shocked.

Borat also laughed at Kimmel’s name, saying that a “Kimmel” in Kazakhstan refers to a “woman’s vajeen,” while “Jimmy” means “much hair.”

After the trailer, he also brought out is old friend Azamat (Ken Davitian), who came out on stage naked on top of a high-quality Kazakh car.

Watch the video.