SAG-AFTRA Says It Stands ‘in Solidarity’ With Ukraine Amid Russian ‘War of Aggression’

“The union also stands with the brave Russian anti-war protestors,” SAG-AFTRA says


In a statement Friday night, SAG-AFTRA came out “in solidarity” with Ukraine against the “war of aggression” by Russia, urged donations to humanitarian groups, and expressed support for people in Russia protesting the unprovoked invasion.

“In these dark and uncertain times, with war returning to the European continent, SAG-AFTRA stands in solidarity with our colleagues in Ukraine, our fellow union members of the Cultural Workers Union of Ukraine, and all those suffering the effects of this war of aggression,” the group said.

“It is heartbreaking to see the stories of civilians coping with the loss of family members, friends, homes and livelihoods,” the statement continued. “Watching the humanitarian crisis unfold, it’s easy to feel despair and helplessness. But if you wish to help, there are organizations, including UNICEF and many others, that use your donations to aid those impacted by this war.”

“We insist that all nations recognize and respect the freedom of the press and ensure that our members and journalists of all nations working in the war zone are kept safe from harm,” SAG-AFTRA said.

“The union also stands with the brave Russian anti-war protestors who are risking their own freedom to call for an end to the violence. SAG-AFTRA fervently hopes for a swift return to peace in the region. Solidarity always,” the statement concluded.

Since the invasion began on Wednesday, the Ukrainian film industry has ground to a halt, with Ukrainian film industry workers in other countries left stranded. Read more about that here.