SAG-AFTRA Says It Hasn’t Been Contacted About ‘Tulsa King’ Accusations, Is ‘Here to Support With Guidance if Requested’

“There is no room on any set for disparaging comments to background actors or any performers,” guild says in statement

Sylvester Stallone tulsa king paramount plus
Sylvester Stallone as Dwight "The General" Manfredi on "Tulsa King." (Credit: Paramount+)

In a statement Wednesday, SAG-AFTRA says it has not been contacted about the accusations of a “toxic environment” on the Atlanta set of the Sylvester Stallone Paramount+ series “Tulsa King,” and that it also does not represent background actors in the city.

But the guild offered “to support with guidance” if background actors in Atlanta need it, and said “there is no room on any set for disparaging comments to background actors or any performers” on Wednesday.

On Monday, accusations began circulation on social media that over the weekend on the “Tulsa King” set, Stallone mocked background actors on set, calling them “fat” and “ugly” and asking for “pretty young girls” to be brought to the set.

Later that day, Catrett Locke Casting shared it had quit the project.

“We have chosen to part ways with ‘Tulsa King,’” the casting agency said on Facebook. “We will be finishing up next week and the 12th will be our last day. We send well wishes to whomever takes over the show. We thank all of you great background artists for your continued support.”

Company founder Rose Locke said in an internal email, shared by TV writer Julie Benson on social media on behalf of a friend in the “Tulsa King” cast, Locke notified the background actors on the project that she went to observe the set for herself. “At the end of the day I resigned because it was clear a toxic environment that I was not comfortable putting myself or background artists in,” she wrote, adding that she would like actors to share what they observed and that she would send the information to HR.

“Tulsa King” director Craig Zisk denied the accusations while speaking to TMZ. He contended that Locke “improperly cast” background actors, and further denied that Stallone had never requested “pretty young girls.”

Paramount+ didn’t comment, but individuals with knowledge of the matter say the streamer only recently became aware of the post and is looking into the claims. Stallone could not be reached for comment.

Read SAG-AFTRA’s statement below.

There is no room on any set for disparaging comments to background actors or any performers.Though we have not been contacted directly about the incident on set of Tulsa King in Atlanta, SAG-AFTRA is committed to the safety and well being of cast members on all productions. The Union’s TV/Theatrical agreements do not cover background actors in Atlanta. We are here to support with guidance if requested.


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