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SAG Announces 2010 National Board Candidates

Thirteen Hollywood division and five New York division seats up for grabs; the pro-AFTRA-merger Unite for Strength touts 35 candidates

The Screen Actors Guild on Wednesday released its list of candidates for its upcoming national board elections.

With approximately a third of the 69 seats are open this summer, 13 in the Hollywood division and five in the New York division (see press release below).

Separately, SAG's United for Strength announced that has 35 of the nearly 100 national board candidates.

Here's the SAG release:

Screen Actors Guild Announces Candidates for 2010 National Board Elections

Los Angeles (August 4, 2010) – Screen Actors Guild today released the official list of candidates for its upcoming national board elections. Ballots for all eligible members in Hollywood and New York will be mailed on August 24 with a return deadline and tabulation on September 23. Election results are expected to be announced that evening. Approximately 1/3 of the total 69 national board seats are open for election this year.

The Hollywood Division will elect 13 national board members and 22 alternates. Twelve (12) candidate positions will be seated for a three (3) year term and one (1) candidate position will be seated for a one (1) year term (all national board alternates serve for one year). The New York Division will elect 5 national board members and nine alternates. Each seat is for a three-year term (all national board alternates serve for one year).
Directors holding nine other national board seats will be elected from SAG Branches outside Hollywood and New York.
2010 SAG Hollywood Division Board Election Candidates
(Candidate names are listed in random order, as they will appear on the ballot.)

1.  Clancy Brown   
2.  Esai Morales
3.  John Tremaine
4.  Mobin Khan
5.  Michael O’Neill
6.  Woody Schultz
7.  Ron Perlman
8.  L. Scott Caldwell
9.  Valerie Harper
10.  Bill Smitrovich
11.  David Clennon
12.  David Hillberg
13.  Salazar
14.  Marisol Nichols
15.  Pete Antico
16.  Bob Carlson
17.  Leigh French
18.  Angela Watson
19.  Jane Austin
20.  Jeff Austin
21.  Scott Pierce
22.  Jenny Worman
23.  Joe Bologna
24.  Gabrielle Carteris
25.  Assaf Cohen
26.  David Jolliffe
27.  Sam Jaegar
28.  Joe Stevens
29.  Amy Madigan
30.  Sumi Haru
31.   Dawnn Lewis
32.   DeWayne Williams
33.   Dileep Rao
34.   Renée Taylor
35.   Paul Napier
36.   Mimi Cozzens
37.   Christine Lakin
38.   William Charlton
39.   Clyde Kusatsu
40.   Alan Rosenberg
41.   Conrad E. Palmisano
42.   Larry Joshua
43.   William Mapother
44.   Bernie Casey
45.   Michelle Allsopp
46.   Ned Vaughn
47.   Jason George
48.   Rico Bueno
49.   Patrick Fabian
50.   Hector Herrera
51.   Marcia Strassman
52.   Mandy Steckelberg
53.   Clark Gregg
54.   Bertila Damas
55.   Jon Huertas
56.   Joe d’Angerio
57.   Tara Radcliffe
58.   Ellen Crawford
59.   Alan Ruck
60.   Michele Santopietro
61.   Clint Howard
62.   Donal Logue
63.   Gilles Marini
64.   Stacey Travis
65.   Peter Kwong
66.   Sarayu Rao
67.   Jeff Garlin
68.   Michael O’Keefe
69.   Nancy Sinatra
70.   Jenny O’Hara
71.   Matt Crabtree
72.   D.W. Moffett
73.   Frances Fisher
74.   Carole Elliott
75.   Reneé Aubry
2010 SAG New York Division Board Election Candidates
(Candidate names are listed in order by randomly selecting a letter and then listing candidate names alphabetically by last name starting with the letter selected. The letter “U” was randomly selected. Following is the order in which they will appear on the ballot.)
1.  Manny Alfaro
2.  Dave Bachman
3.  Marc Baron
4.  Justin Barrett
5.  Andrew Dolan
6.  Maureen Donnelly
7.  Nancy Giles
8.  Mike Hodge
9.  Richard Masur
10.  Sue-Anne Morrow
11.  Joe Narciso
12.  Tom Nonnon
13.  Jay Potter
14.  John Rothman
15.  Kevin Scullin
2010 SAG Regional Branch Division Board Election Candidates
(Candidate names are listed in alphabetical order, as they will appear on the ballot. In most Regional Branches where candidates ran for office unopposed, the candidates may be declared elected without the necessity of a membership vote*.)
Steve Fried* (elected)

Todd Hissong

Nancy Duerr* (elected)
Debra Nelson* (elected)
Robert Nelson* (elected)

New Mexico
Roy Costley* (elected)

San Francisco
Tom Chantler* (elected)

Abby Dylan* (elected)

Anne Sward* (elected)

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