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UPDATE: Second SAG Employee Fired Amid Accounting Investigation

Discovery of other mid-level staff’s ”policy violations“ occurred during investigation of mid-level manager’s ”possible financial impropriety“

UPDATE: The Screen Actors Guild has fired a second staffer, who the union had found committed what  it calls "policy violations" while it was investigating possible misappropriation of funds of another mid-level manager.

According to an individual close to the financial impropriety investigation, this violation is unrelated to the original matter being looked into.

SAG would not release details regarding the two fired staffer's identities. The alleged misdealings of the second staffer were also undiscolsed.

Here's the earlier report on the original investigation.

The Screen Actors Guild announced Sunday that it is investigating "possible financial impropriety" on behalf of a former manager.

According to an individual close to the matter, SAG launched an internal investigation during the fall over the possible misappropriation of between $200,000-$250,000 by a mid-level supervisor, who has since been terminated.

The investigation, which has involved a Big Four accounting firm, is ongoing, but is expected to be completed soon.

Here's the SAG statement:

SAG Investigating Possible Financial Impropriety

"Screen Actors Guild is actively investigating a possible financial impropriety by a manager previously employed by the Guild. When an internal review indicated a potential problem, the Guild moved immediately to investigate and take appropriate action against the employee involved. Once this investigation is complete, we will work with local and federal law enforcement agencies on further actions to be taken as appropriate.

Senior Guild executives are overseeing the investigation of this matter and provided a thorough report to the National Board of Directors in October. It is important to note that the Guild’s insurance protects against any loss of this nature and would effectuate full reimbursement of such funds in the event of an actual loss. Our members may rest assured that member funds are not at risk.

We can say nothing more about this matter until we have completed our investigation and reviewed all legal and other options available to the Guild, and thus, will not further comment."