SAG’s Howard Tapped to Chair Negotiating Committees

Guild selects national president to have leading voice in upcoming TV and theatrical talks

Assuming a leading role in his labor group’s upcoming contract negotiations, SAG national president Ken Howard has been tapped to chair the guild’s joint TV/theatrical wages and working conditions committee and its joint TV/theatrical negotiating committee.

Announced Sunday after a two-day meeting of the Screen Actors Guild national board of directors, moderate Howard will also be a voting member on both committees.

SAG also selected the key personnel for both committees, although the guild didn’t announce who those members are.

With its film and TV deals set to expire in a year, SAG is currently collaborating with the American Federation of TV and Radio Artists on the prime-time television wages-and-working-conditions process.

The two labor organizations have agreed to jointly negotiate their next prime-time deal staring this fall.