Is Sally Quinn’s ‘Party’ Over?

Report has Washington Post killing reporter’s column

Last Updated: February 24, 2010 @ 2:05 PM

The Washington Post is not commenting on a report by outgoing Washington City Paper columnist Eric Wemple that it is killing a column by socialite-ning-rod Sally Quinn after the D.C. doyenne used it to combat rumors about a wedding in her family.

The Post debuted Quinn’s column — called “The Party,” with the tagline “on entertaining and how to do it” — late last year.

In Friday’s entry, Quinn detailed “an unfolding family drama” involving her scheduling her son Quinn Bradlee’s wedding the same day as her husband’s granddaughter’s nuptials.

According to Politico, the granddaughter’s parents — Ben Bradlee Jr. and his ex-wife, ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz – sent separate e-mails to Post publisher Katharine Weymouth voicing their displeasure.
The blogosphere, meanwhile, had a field day with her apparent familial overshare.

 "BREAKING: Wacky old Sally Quinn has two weddings to attend on the same day, due to an inadvertent scheduling problem, and may only be able to attend one."

The Awl: "It is hard to know where to begin with this Quinn piece, but one way to begin is to pull back and take the wide-angle view, which is that she believes she has been given a column in the Washington Post Style section to deal with her personal business."

The Huffington Post:Somehow, This Sally Quinn Column is Happening in the Washington Post

According to Wemple, a newsroom source at the Washington Post said “the column’s “survival … has been the topic of several high-level discussions at the paper this week."