Salon’s Editor-in-Chief Joan Walsh Steps Down

Kerry Lauerman will take the helm as the site struggles to shoulder debt

Salon Editor-in-Chief Joan Walsh is leaving her post to write a book, but she will continue to write for the web magazine.

The site will promote Executive Editor Kerry Lauerman to take over from Walsh, it announced on Monday.

"I am not leaving Salon, I’ll be blogging as editor-at-large. Just out of edit management! And book title is ‘Indivisible,'" Walsh tweeted to her followers.

The shift in management is coming as the site is struggling under millions of dollars in debt.

"Indivisible" will chronicle Walsh's Irish-Catholic family's political journey and the "fear-based" politics she claims are gripping the country.

Walsh has served as editor-in-chief since 2005. Prior to that she served as managing editor and news editor. Prior to joining Salon in 1998, Walsh worked at In These Times and the Santa Barbara News and Review.

Lauerman first joined Salon in 2000 to become its Washington Bureau Chief. In 2008 he founded Open Salon, the site's blog network.

Salon was an early entrant into the world of online media, but it has suffered financial difficulties for several years. The site has struggled to introduce new forms of advertising and toyed with a premium paid subscription model, but It's stock is currently trading at 10 cents.