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Samantha Bee Will Eat Her Own Blazer If Trump Hasn’t Paid for ‘at Least Half a Dozen Abortions’ (Video)

”He’s basically an advertisement for birth control,“ says TBS host

“Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee took President Donald Trump to task for his administration’s “anti-choice” rules it plans to introduce, which would ban federally-funded clinics from mentioning abortion to patients.

“If Trump hasn’t paid for at least half a dozen abortions, I will eat this blazer,” she said on her show Wednesday, before clarifying her stance a bit: “Actually, I take that back. That was wildly unfair. If Trump hasn’t promised to pay for at least a half dozen abortions and then not paid for them then written bad checks for them, ghosted the woman, then declared bankruptcy and eventually made Russia pay for them, I will eat this blazer.”

The New York Times reported that the Trump administration plans to put new rules in place that would bar any clinics that receive federal funding from mentioning abortion as an option to its patients, unless they specifically request it. “Basically it’s supposed to be impossible to get an abortion unless you’re in the know, like the secret menu at In-N-Out,” quipped Bee.

“As we all know, restricting abortion, which is a safe and legal medical procedure, is one of Trump’s favorite hobbies, along with handshake assaults, recreational swelling and staring at the sun,” Bee continued.

She added that, at least when Vice President Mike Pence “wants us all to do what he does” he at least believes it.

“But Trump doesn’t believe any of that s—. He’s basically an advertisement for birth control,” she said, before putting up a photo of Eric and Donald Trump Jr. “Well, I guess these homunculi actually are. But Trump is the spokesman.”

Watch the video above.