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Samantha Bee Rebels Against Anti-Vax Parents in ‘Riverdale’ Spoof: Tetanus Isn’t ‘Hot’ (Video)

”Maybe it is bad to get diseases from the Middle Ages,“ Bee tells the residents of ”Full Fronterdale“

Last Updated: April 4, 2019 @ 8:36 AM

On Wednesday’s “Full Frontal,” Samantha Bee took on anti-vaxxer parents with a “Riverdale” spoof that taught us “rebelling against your parents to make sure you don’t get Tetanus is hot.” And Tetanus itself certainly is not.

Bee’s Betty character sees her boyfriend, Archie, in the halls at “Full Fronterdale” High School, just after he’s received an immunization.

“Vaccinated? I don’t do that stuff, my parents don’t approve,” she says.

Well, Archie didn’t either, but he says he looked online and realized he doesn’t “want to die from tuberculosis,” adding: “I would rather die in a more normal way, by a cult.”

“Wow, you make vaccinations sound so cool. Maybe it is bad to get diseases from the Middle Ages,” Bee says, after coughing up a handkerchief full of blood.

But when Betty/Bee’s mom finds out she’s on board with vaccinations now, she’s definitely got a more dramatic reaction to the news than any parent on The CW series — and they are all currently part of a massive, scary farm cult.

“Moms, right?” Bee says.

Watch the clip above.

(By the way, this all started as a sit-down interview with Ethan Lindenberger, the 18-year-old Ohio teenager who has been all over the news because he vaccinated himself against his parents’ wishes.)