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Samantha Bee Explains: ‘What the Hell Are Superdelegates?’ (Video)

Learn, laugh, and be thankful that these mythical creatures exist, liberals

Everyone has pretended to understand what a superdelegate is — but does anyone¬†really know?

Samantha Bee does, though the “Full Frontal” host admitted it took her the entire two weeks off from TBS’ airwaves to figure it out. The former “Daily Show” correspondent gave a fairly basic lesson Monday night, one worth watching for both its comedy and education.

Basically, superdelegates started in the Democratic party in 1982 as a sort of emergency brake, to only be pulled in case a crazy nomination was about to happen.

“Think of them as the driving instructor, with her foot hovering over the brake,” Bee explained, using her own braking metaphor. “She’ll only use her power if the party is about to do a ‘Thelma & Louise.'”

“If Bernie gets more votes than Hillary, her superdelegates will drop her faster than she drops her fake Southern accent the second she leaves South Carolina,” Bee continued, citing 2008 as a very recent example of that very political maneuvering occurring.

Overall, Bee doesn’t seem opposed to the concept of superdelegates, and to make her point, she temporarily strolled across the aisle to the right-hand side.

“Believe me, Republicans would give their left nut for superdelegates right now,”¬†Bee quipped, posting a photo of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Watch the video above.