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Samantha Bee’s Got Her Own ‘Masked Singer’ Spoof: Guess the Furloughed Government Worker! (Video)

This one is a little less fun

Samantha Bee just ripped off Fox’s “Masked Singer” format in an attempt to point out the absurdity of our ongoing federal government shutdown. It was much sadder than the original South Korean adaptation, though we suppose that was kind of the whole point.

“Full Frontal” correspondent Allana Harkin headed down to Washington D.C. to interview a bunch of real — but masked — furloughed federal employees. Much like the Fox version, we got hints on who was under each elaborate costume.

Also similar to the hit Fox competition, which revealed who Poodle was the same evening this skit aired on TBS, the fun is in the guessing their identities, we guess.

“My agency isn’t important unless you drink water or breathe air,” Bee’s Narwhalicorn said.

“My agency keeps you safe at national parks and keeps national parks safe from you,” Bumblebird teased.

“I am concerned that preparation for hurricane season is not being done and it will have an adverse effect on the American public,” Mister Ms. Lion said.

Yes, these contestants represented the EPA, FEMA, the National Parks Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Department of Homeland Security.

“We’re gonna die,” Harkin concluded.

Yes, definitely. Watch the video above.