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Sam Bee T’s Up NCAA for Disparity Between Men’s and Women’s March Madness Accommodations (Video)

The media’s not doing much better

Samantha Bee may not be good with the sports references (as you’ll learn throughout her March Madness gender-disparity takedown) but she sure was strong in blowing the whistle on the NCAA’s differing treatment of the men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments. On Wednesday, the TBS late-night host did not swallow her whistle and just let them play through the fouls.

(OK, now that we’ve provenĀ our ability to appropriately use roundball terminology…)

Last night, the “Full Frontal” point guard put the full-court press (OK, now we’re done) on the absurd contrasts in accommodations between the setups for the student-athletes, including their weight rooms, food selection and even coronavirus testing.

If you haven’t seen the workout equipment disparity, woof.

“But if you dislike how schools in the NCAA treat women athletes, you should see how they’re covered in the media,” Bee said last night. “By which I mean, almost not at all.”

That’s a double entendre that hits the almost total lack of coverage and the almost total lack of clothing on female athletes when the media does cover them — especially on print covers.

Probably Bee’s best joke of the segment started with this setup: “You’d think that the NCAA would at least let women’s basketball promote itself. promote itself — but even that is weirdly difficult. Despite the March Madness brand being a powerful promotional tool, the NCAA has withheld permission from the women’s tournament to use the phrase ‘March Madness’ on everything from social media to the floor of their games.”

And the perfect punchline: “Even worse, the NCAA will only allow women to use the phrase March Hysteria.”

Watch the video above.

“This isn’t complicated. By supporting women, the NCAA could promote equality, keep their athletes safe, inspire a new generation and make a buttload of money all at the same time,” Bee wrapped it up. “If you ask me, that would be a home run for everyone.”

Cue football field goal footage.

You get the running joke by this point.

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