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Michelle Branch Sings ‘Goodbye, Ted Cruz’ for Samantha Bee (Video)

Singer says that no one will miss former presidential candidate

Samantha Bee had singer Michelle Branch perform a special musical tribute to Ted Cruz in a “Full Frontal” web extra.

Branch sang “Goodbye, Ted Cruz” over images of some of the most memorable gaffes from the Republican politician’s presidential campaign, like his awkward hand hold with Carly Fiorina, his love for Campbell’s Chunky soup, and comparisons made between him and the Zodiac Killer.

The song also poked fun at Cruz’s appearance, as Branch melodically noted his “lizard face” at one point in the song. Branch also sang, “I wanna punch you and ignore you at the same time/You think the bathroom use should be a crime.”

Cruz suspended his bid for the White House after a crushing defeat in the Indiana primary at the hands of Donald Trump. John Kasich also dropped out of the race, making Trump the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party.

Watch the video above.

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