Samantha Bee Trolls Stephen Miller With Fake Wedding Registry to Raise Money for Refugees

Spoiler: “Full Frontal” host isn’t a fan of Trump’s senior policy adviser

Full Frontal Samantha Bee Stephen Miller Registry

Looking for a way to give to charity this winter while also insulting one of Donald Trump’s closest associates? On Wednesday night, “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” unveiled a new website that does exactly that — a fake wedding registry for Donald Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller to raise money for refugees.

Miller, who is widely credited as the person behind Trump’s immigration policies, got engaged in November to his girlfriend, Katie Waldman, who is Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary. The couple has kept a low profile about their relationship, but Bee’s fake registry purports to fill in the blanks for people who aren’t invited to the wedding — and criticize the hell out of the Trump administration’s immigration policies and Miller’s role in creating them.

For instance, one section, “Partners in Crimes Against Humanity,” imagines how the couple first met. “He caught my attention the moment he shouted “fake news!” to no one in particular. It only took a few minutes for us to realize our shared passion of our right to absolute superiority based on nothing but the color of our skin,” the site says. “We went for drinks right after, and the next morning when I walked into my office I found a card from Stephen asking me out. He signed it with his name and an acronym that I believe stood for ‘Katie, Katie, Katie.’”

The registry also promises that the wedding will be held “on a plantation, because of course,” because “it ensures no one is able to forget about the dark history of our country that we continue to perpetuate with our policies. Cheers!”

The site also includes a statement from the “Full Frontal” team explaining why they created the site. “Stephen Miller has made it his life’s mission to strip all compassion and understanding from US immigration policy. As a thank you, we at ‘Full Frontal’ want to get him a wedding present that we know he’ll hate,” it says.

As for the registry itself, it’s a wish list of items US_based charities say they need to assist “asylum seekers and immigrants.” But before you ask, according to the “Full Frontal” team, the charities are being kept anonymous to “ensure a troll-free holiday.” Which means donations aren’t tax-deductible. If you’re inclined anyway, check out the full fake registry here.