Samuel L Jackson Acts Out His Entire Film Career in 11 Minutes With James Corden (Video)

Hold on to your butts

The great Samuel L. Jackson joined James Corden on Wednesday’s “Late Late Show” to relive his entire film career in about 11 minutes.

Of course, the whole thing had to start with that incredible Biblical scene and dialogue from “Pulp Fiction.” Corden’s John Travolta didn’t have much to do but stand there — until the Royale With Cheese talk started in a live bonus clip.

“Shaft,” “Coming to America,” “A Time to Kill,” “Do the Right Thing,” “Jurassic Park” and so, so many more movies from Jackson’s lengthy filmography were represented in the equally long sketch.

The duo even teamed up on “reliving” a scene from “Kong: Skull Island,” which won’t even be in theaters until tomorrow. Then it was “Star Wars”-prequels time, with the CBS personality playing Yoda.

We can only assume readers are wondering if the two did “Snakes on a Plane” — what do you think? Towards the end of the fun, Jackson playfully mocked his limited role in pretty much every single Marvel superhero movie.

Watch the video above.