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Samuel L. Jackson Meets Captain France, Decides ‘We’re F-cked’ (Video)

The center of the Marvel Universe went on French TV to promote ”Captain America,“ but got a very different hero upon arrival

Tip for Captain America: Don’t rely too much on international allies — especially would-be heroes from France.

Samuel L. Jackson is in the midst of a world tour to sell “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” to lucrative foreign markets, which can get pretty boring (especially when he doesn’t know what his interviewer is saying). During his appearance on “Le Grand Journal” in France, however, he got a brief respite from the monotony, as he participated in a sketch that will absolutely delight jingoistic American viewers.

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Who’d have thought that this quick gag, in which the host, Antoine de Caunes, plays a puny, baguette-waving “superhero,” would come from French writers?

The best part, however, is the unbleeped f-bomb that Jackson drops at the end.