‘Samurai Jack’ Enters a Bloodier World in First Trailer (Video)

Fifty years since Jack began his quest, he abandons hope of ever returning home

Adult Swim released its first full trailer for the final season of “Samurai Jack” this weekend, giving fans a glimpse at how the series will change after a 13-year absence.

“Samurai Jack” tells the story of a samurai who sought to free his village from Aku, an evil shapeshifter. But before he could be defeated, Aku sent the samurai into the future, where the villain’s reign has extended over the world. The samurai, who adopts the name Jack from admiring locals, then goes on a quest to find a way to return to his own time.

But now it has been fifty years since Jack’s quest began, and somehow he has not aged a day. That doesn’t mean time hasn’t taken its toll on Jack’s spirit. He has given up hope on ever defeating Aku and has become a bearded, long-haired drifter. But after an attack from a league of Aku-trained assassins and some powerful visions from the past, Jack sets out once more to set things right.

When show creator Genndy Tartakovsky announced the show’s return, he promised that the final episodes would use their new home on Adult Swim to push Jack into darker, bloodier territory. The new trailer shows a sneak peek of that new style, as Aku’s assassins stab their enemies in the face with arrows and Jack attempts to escape a dungeon with a dagger stuck in his gut.

Phil LaMarr will return to voice Jack, while a new voice actor will come on to voice Aku. Mako Iwamatsu, who voiced Aku in the original series, died in 2006.

The final episodes of “Samurai Jack” start airing on March 11 at 11 PM. Watch the trailer above.