Sandra Bullock, Anthony Mackie Admit to Lying to Police During ‘Never Have I Ever’ on ‘Ellen’ (Video)

“Our Brand Is Crisis” co-star Billy Bob Thornton also admits to regretting at least one of his tattoos

Michael Rozman/WB

Sandra Bullock, Anthony Mackie, and Billy Bob Thornton played a game of Never Have I Ever on Thursday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

All three “Our Brand Is Crisis” stars admitted to having lied to a police officer, but that was the only time the tame Bullock stood toe to toe with her apparently much raunchier co-stars.

Mackie and Thornton have both had sex on a beach and in the back of a limo. Both men have also been thrown out of a bar at some point in their lives.

Thornton, who has a number of tattoos, thought long and hard about whether or not he regretted any of them. When he took too long to answer, Bullock raised his “I Have” paddle for him.

“Our Brand Is Crisis” opens in theaters Oct. 30.

Watch the video below.