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Santa Drops the C-Word on ‘South Park’… And It Wasn’t ‘Christmas’ (Video)

”Have fun sucking Jeff Bezos’ d—, you bunch of c—-!“

As its 22nd season came to a close, “South Park” showed that it can still surprise its audience.

In the animated comedy’s season finale, the show brought in Santa Claus to deliver some Christmas cheer to the citizens of South Park, at least until he found out they kicked out his old pal Mr. Hankey (which happened in an earlier episode this season). Then he used a much different c-word to show his displeasure.

“Have fun sucking Jeff Bezos’ dick, you bunch of c—-!” he says in the video above. If you can believe it, it’s the first time “South Park” has used that word.

The finale, titled “Bike Parade,” was the second half of a two-part episode that centered on South Park becoming the newest home to an Amazon Fulfillment Center. The new center essentially becomes the sole place for employment for many South Park citizens, putting all other stores out of business. But the workers end up striking due to poor working conditions, and the end result is that center shuts down and thus ruins Christmas… until Santa shows up to (briefly) save the day.

Until he finds out why they kicked out Mr. Hankey, that is.

That earlier episode, “The Problem With a Poo,” centered on Mr. Hankey, the talking piece of poo in a Santa Claus hat that’s been in and out of “South Park” since the very beginning. In a hearing meant to mock Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination testimony, Mr. Hankey defended offensive tweets he posted.

At the end of the episode, Mr. Hankey was sent packing and ended up in Springfield (yes, that Springfield).