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Perverse Santa Shows Up to Help John Oliver Preview Mexico Presidential Election (Video)

Bobby Moynihan’s St. Nick is definitely on the ”Naughty“ list

John Oliver just tackled Mexico’s upcoming presidential election with a little assist from a very old (and disgusting) friend. Santa Claus came down to New York City from the North Pole on Sunday to provide some comic relief on a very serious topic — one that has literal life-or-death consequences for residents below the border.

St. Nick — played by “SNL” alum Bobby Moynihan — first entered the HBO “Last Week Tonight” studio to negate the claims of candidate Jaime Heliodoro Rodríguez Calderón, who is essentially — and weirdly — running on an anti-Santa platform.

While he was there, Kris Kringle decided to tell Oliver just how much he loves to masturbate. It’s A LOT.

Calderón’s not gonna win this thing, Oliver assured us. The election is practically a slam-dunk for Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or the man called “AMLO.”

AMLO’s policies shift so much — and seemingly overnight — Oliver dubbed him the “Mexican Donald Trump.”

Watch the “Daily Show” alum dissect the upcoming Mexican vote via the video above.

And if you need more grossness from Santa, well, here’s the last line of the 20-minute clip:
“The elves taught me yoga, and now I can b— myself!” Santa finishes — err, concludes.

So, keep that all in mind for the “He sees you when you’re sleeping” thing.