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15 Stars in Sarah Cooper’s Netflix Special and the Oddballs They Play, From Billy Bush to Satan

For starters, there’s Helen Mirren as Billy Bush, Marisa Tomei as Satan and Jon Hamm as the MyPillow guy

“Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine” finally dropped on Netflix on Tuesday — and your favorite Trump lip-sync star did not disappoint with the celebrity cameos.

In the roughly 50-minute comedy special, directed by Natasha Lyonne with Maya Rudolph, Cooper primarily stars as herself, the host of a morning news show called “Everything’s Fine” where, you guessed it, everyone pretends everything is just fine despite the chaos that is 2020 and the Trump administration.

If you’re looking for more Trump lip-sync moments, Cooper delivers — and adds a couple more people to her repertoire. But she’s also joined by a lengthy guest star list that includes Fred Armisen, Megan Thee Stallion, Jane Lynch, Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Hamm, Aubrey Plaza, Connie Chung, Ben Stiller, Helen Mirren, Jonathan Van Ness, Winona Ryder, Marisa Tomei, Danielle Brooks, Tommy Davidson, Jordan Black, Marcella Arguello, Eddie Pepitone and Maya Rudolph.

Yup, that’s it.

So who’s who? Here’s a rundown of all the celebrity cameos you’ll see in “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine.”

Jane Lynch in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"

Jane Lynch in “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine.” (Lacey Terrell / Netflix)

Jane Lynch as “K.J. Dillard”

Lynch appears as K.J. Dillard, a cupcake-making pastry chef whose “can I speak to your manager” haircut is a dead giveaway. Almost immediately, Dillard demands that Cooper show some I.D. to prove that she’s the host of the show and, when she’s not satisfied, calls the police.

Her full name? Karen June Dillard. Yeah…she’s a Karen.

Whoopi Goldberg

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

Whoopi Goldberg as Herself

Goldberg’s voice makes a cameo narrating a pseudo-documentary about the history of Karens.

Jon Hamm in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"

Jon Hamm in “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine.” (Lacey Terrell / Netflix)

Jon Hamm as “Steve Windell,” the inventor of MrPillow

It’s the MyPillow — er, MrPillow — guy! During a pretend commercial break for the morning show, Hamm appears as the inventor of MrPillow, Steven Windell, who is clearly modeled after Mike Lindell, the pillow inventor and Trump supporter who has recently been promoting an unproven “cure” for COVID-19.

Helen Mirren in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"

Lacey Terrell / Netflix

Helen Mirren as Billy Bush

“Everything’s Fine” gives viewers an exclusive look inside the now-infamous “Access Hollywood” bus where President Trump was recorded telling Billy Bush he could grab women by the p—-. But in this version, none other than Dame Helen Mirren appears as Bush while Cooper continues in her role as Trump as they both lip-sync to the audio of the real tape.

Jonathan Van Ness in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"

Jonathan Van Ness as Arianne Zucker in “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine.” (Lacey Terrell / Netflix)

Jonathan Van Ness as Arianne Zucker

In the “Access Hollywood” scene, “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness makes an appearance playing Arianne Zucker, the soap opera actress whom Trump and Bush commented lewdly about while inside the bus.

Winona Ryder in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"

Winona Ryder in “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine.” (Lacey Terrell / Netflix)

Winona Ryder as “Lacey Groine”

Ryder stars as Lacey Groine, the host of an evening program who passed out on election night in 2016 and has no clue what’s happened since then.

Megan Thee Stallion in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"

Megan Thee Stallion in “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine.” (Lacey Terrell / Netflix)

Megan Thee Stallion as Herself

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion stars as herself during a segment in Cooper’s morning show, where she shows the host how to twerk her way through the pandemic.

Aubrey Plaza in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"


Aubrey Plaza as “QAC” host

Plaza plays the host of home shopping channel “QAC” — short for QAnon QAC — as she shills for a set of dolls and listens to callers ask if she’s sending them coded messages from an “undisclosed location.”

Connie Chung on "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"


Connie Chung as Herself

Chung returns to the newscaster role as she conducts a bizarre interview with President Trump, who is — of course — Cooper lip-syncing as Trump.

Ben Stiller in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"

Ben Stiller in “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine.” (Lacey Terrell / Netflix)

Ben Stiller as “8008s”

Stiller appears as the CEO of a tech company but, surprise, he’s a robot himself. His name? It’ll look familiar if you were a middle-schooler with a calculator.

Tommy Davidson in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"

Lacey Terrell / Netflix

Tommy Davidson as “John”

“In Living Color” star and comedian Tommy Davidson appears as John, the husband to Cooper’s Natalie, as the two dine at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. But as the camera zooms out, things are not as they seem…

Maya Rudolph in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"

Maya Rudolph in “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine.” (Lacey Terrell / Netflix)

Maya Rudolph as “Andrea Steele”

Rudolph, who also directed the special, takes a turn as Andrea Steele, the meteorologist on “Everything’s Fine.” Turns out, with climate change, everything is not fine.

Fred Armisen in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"

Fred Armisen in “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine.” (Lacey Terrell / Netflix)

Fred Armisen as “Scooter”

Armisen plays Cooper’s morning show producer and wears an increasingly deranged set of outfits meant to protect him from COVID-19.

Danielle Brooks in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"

Lacey Terrell / Netflix

Danielle Brooks as “Jordana Bachman”

“Orange Is the New Black” star Danielle Brooks takes a turn as Jordana Bachman, a TV host who’s supposed to lead the show right after Cooper’s. But with all the s— going on in the world, Bachman is so done that she refuses to accept the hand-off, tossing it back to Cooper to host her three-hour timeslot.

Marisa Tomei in "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine"

Marisa Tomei as Satan in “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine.” (Lacey Terrell / Netflix)

Marisa Tomei as Satan

Let’s just say there’s someone else really running the show.