Sarah Cooper Is a Coked-Up Trump in Latest Parody (Video)

The comedian takes aim at Trump’s request that Biden take a drug test before the debate

In her latest lip-syncing parody video, comedian Sarah Cooper portrayed an increasingly coked-up Donald Trump as he calls on Joe Biden to take a drug test before Tuesday night’s debate.

Cooper used audio from an Aug. 31 interview Trump did with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, when Trump said he believed Biden was using some kind of “enhancement” during the debates.

“I watched Biden in the previous debates and he was horrible. And I watched him in the Bernie [Sanders] debate and he was normal. He wasn’t Winston Churchill, but he was normal. It was sort of like an even deal, he got by. And I said, that was a different guy than the guy that was in the debates where Kamala just took him apart,” Trump can be heard saying as Cooper lip-syncs.

Cooper-as-Trump then takes out a big bag of “cocaine” with white powder visible under her nose and in her hair as she continues to lip-sync, “Now Kamala’s terrible. She went down from 15 to — I watched her drop like a rock, right? So that’s automatically, that’s like a poll, okay? She never even got to Iowa, she never got, she never even, because she was so low. So that’s the person. But she was really mean to him. She said the worst things.”

“But on Biden, why the drug test? What do you think he’s on?” Cooper-as-Ingraham said while she also holds the same bag of coke with inconspicuously dusted nostrils.

“Well, he’s on some kind of an enhancement, in my opinion. And I say we should both, I should take a drug test, so should he,” Cooper-as-Trump said, now completely covered in powder.

Watch the video here.

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