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Sarah Hyland Explains Why She Shared ‘Modern Family’ Spoiler

Actress responds to disappointed fan after revealing upcoming plot detail

SPOILER ALERT: If you’d prefer not to know details about upcoming events on “Modern Family,” stop reading now.

“Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland has once again been accused of revealing spoilers for the ABC sitcom. But this time, the actress has an excuse for doing so.

Hyland, whose character Haley Dunphy was revealed to be pregnant on a previous episode of the series this season, caught a bit of flak for sharing the news that her character is expecting twins.

After being called out by a fan, Hyland explained her reason for doing so. And offered an apology of sorts.

Hyland’s reveal came via a tweet Tuesday in which she shared a People article bearing the title, “Surprise! Sarah Hyland’s ‘Modern Family’ Character Haley Dunphy Is Pregnant With Twins.”

The news came as too much of a surprise for one fan, who asked, “Why did you have to share a spoiler though,” a question that was punctuated with a crying-face emoji.

Hyland responded, “Because I was told to.”

The actress added, “sowwwyyyyy.”

It wasn’t the first time that Hyland has provoked fan disappointment by sharing “Modern Family” plot details before some viewers had the opportunity to see them unfold for themselves.

In October 2018, the actress paid sweet tribute to a castmate whose character was killed off on the ABC sitcom — and in the process angered some fans who hadn’t yet seen the much-anticipated death episode.

In an Instagram post, Hyland posted a photo of herself and Ariel Winter, along with Shelley Long, whose DeDe Pritchett character was sent off into the afterlife on the previous night’s episode.

Unfortunately, in this age of delayed viewing, it was a “too soon” moment for some fans, who made as much known in the comments section.

“Spoiler alert!” one comment read.

“Rrrrrrh @sarahhyland in french [sic] we dont know, we can’t watching [sic] at the same time. You spoil me ! This is not cool!!!” a particularly disappointed response read.

“You should’ve waited a few more days omfg spoiler alert,” another fan advised.

See Hyland’s most recent spoilery moment unfold below.