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Sarah Hyland Fires Back Over Prescription Gripe, Says She Wants to ‘Make CVS a Better Place’

”A nationwide issue with CVS“ needs to be addressed, argues ”Modern Family“ star

After tweeting about her rage at CVS over a slow-to-fill prescription, Sarah Hyland is clarifying her thoughts about the nationwide drugstore and also defending herself against detractors.

“I would really really appreciate it if you would all stop telling me to be an irresponsible, privileged millennial, because that is everything that I am not, so f— you,” she said in a video on Twitter Wednesday morning.

Hyland, who had a kidney transplant in 2012, explained that the prescription fiasco she was talking about on Tuesday was not a refill, but a one-off prescription. She said she heard several stories from her followers that were similar to hers, and spoke with a representative from CVS on the phone Tuesday night to share their stories.


“I didn’t just tell him my story, I read him tweet after tweet after tweet of everyone that told me their story, whether it was insurance wouldn’t cover your asthma medication, whether it was they called in a prescription and you had to wait three weeks for transplant medications for your wife,” she said. “I read every story that I wrote on Twitter to him, to show him that this wasn’t just a regional thing, that it wasn’t just this location, that is was a nation-wide [sic] issue with CVS, and he needs to go to corporate and tell them what I have told them.”

“I’m trying to take this opportunity and make CVS a better place for their patients because you all reached out and told me your stories and it moved me so much I felt like I had a responsibility to say something to somebody higher up at CVS than just a manager at a store.” She added: “So waking up this morning to see some of your tweets pissed me off so much this morning I had to tell you all that.”

On Monday, the “Modern Family” actress said the pharmacy chain didn’t fill her prescription in a timely manner, and had a back-and-forth with CVS on Twitter. In a video posted to her Twitter account Tuesday, Hyland explained that she was attempting to obtain an antibiotic from the pharmacy, which she needed for an infection.

“I had already been about two and a half days with infection. If that infection is not treated soon,” the actress said, it would develop into a condition that would send her kidney into rejection, requiring dialysis.

Hyland went on to say that the transplant team at Cedars-Sinai had called multiple times putting in the request for the antibiotic, but at 7 p.m. CVS “said they never got it — lies.”

The actress said that she called at 7:30, at which point she was told that they had received the prescription, and “they assured me that they would call me before they closed.”

In a second video Tuesday, Hyland said, “I would also like to say for everyone else who has dealt with CVS problems, I feel your pain. Thank you so much for reaching out and telling me yours so that I don’t feel like a crazy person. You guys are sweet and awesome. I’m also just in a bad mood because I’m in a lot of pain. So call me a b—, I really don’t f–ing care.”