Sarah Jessica Parker Declares ‘I Am Not a Feminist’

“I just want people to be treated equally,” Parker says

ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker is an iconic female figure in the worlds of television and fashion, but don’t expect her to win any feminism awards any time soon.

“I am not a feminist. I don’t think I qualify. I believe in women and I believe in equality, but I think there is so much that needs to be done that I don’t even want to separate it anymore” the “Sex and the City” star said in an interview with Marie Claire. “I’m so tired of separation. I just want people to be treated equally.”

One has to wonder if Parker is aware that despite saying she is not a feminist that her ideas about gender equality sound an awful lot like feminism.

“I would like all of that nonsense to end,” Parker said when asked about the wage gap between men and women. “I would like women to get paid for the value of their contributions, not by old-fashioned ideas about gender.”

Her statements come just a day after President Barack Obama published his own essay about feminism and gender equality. 

“The progress we’ve made in the past 100 years, 50 years, and, yes, even the past eight years has made life significantly better for my daughters than it was for my grandmothers. And I say that not just as President but also as a feminist,” Obama wrote.

Parker, perhaps best known for playing columnist Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex and the City” and in the movies that followed the series, returns to HBO this fall as the star of “Divorce.”