Sarah Palin Goes Mama Grizzly on Her Russian Neighbor Vladimir Putin (Video)

The former governor of Alaska went toe-to-toe with Russian president Vladimir Putin AKA Jimmy Fallon

Sarah Palin can still see Russia from her house and she won’t let you forget about it.

The star of the Sportsman Channel program, “Amazing America with Sarah Palin,” busted out her trademark Alaskan catchphrases on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday night and appeared in a skit with Jimmy Fallon, going tête-à-tête with Vladamir Putin.

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In the sketch, Putin called Palin and acknowledged she had correctly predicted he would invade Ukraine.

“I heard that back in 2008 you predicted that I would invade Ukraine. Is this true?” Putin asked the hockey mom.

“You betcha, Vlad!” Palin quipped.

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“Youbetchavlad. I once invaded a country called Youbetchavlad,” Putin riffed. “Anyway, since you so great at guessing my next move, who do you think I should invade next? I’m thinking Finland, Sweden–I heard Jamaica is nice this time of year.”

Palin was not pleased by Putin’s banter.

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“My advice to you would be, you get those troops out of Ukraine right now,” she demanded.

“Whoa, hey! Captain Buzzkill.” Putin interjected. “It was joke. But seriously, I could have used your predicting powers in office March Madness pool–my bracket’s totally busted. How’s your bracket doing?”

“Oh, thanks for asking! Bracket’s good. You know, he’s going to be 6 this month!” she cracked.

Watch Palin’s skit with Fallon below: