Sarah Paulson Nails Holly Hunter, Kathleen Turner Impressions With Fallon (Video)

Actress visited “The Tonight Show” to promote new season of “American Horror Story”

Who knew Emmy award-winning actress Sarah Paulson was so good at impressions?

Paulson took part in the Wheel of Impressions game while visiting “The Tonight Show” to promote the new season of “American Horror Story.” In “Cult,” she plays main character Ally, who’s afraid of everything and has a mental breakdown following the 2016 election. On “The Tonight Show,” she’s fearless.

Her first on the wheel is actress Kathleen Turner.

“Is this Kathleen Turner 20 years ago or Kathleen Turner today?” Paulson asks, just to make sure.

The Turner one was impressive but once Paulson launches into her Holly Hunter impersonation it moves into uncanny. Close your eyes and you’d swear it was Hunter visiting Fallon. Open your eyes and you’ll see that Paulson even lands Hunter’s affectations.

Later she does Drew Barrymore talking about substitute teachers. However, none can top Hunter.

Fallon, for his part, does an Al Pacino impression (two if you count that he tries to do both young Pacino and old) and a Zak de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine going through a McDonald’s Drive Thru.

Watch the full video above.