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Sarah Silverman to America: Get Nana a Gun (Video)

Sarah Silverman educates viewers about Voter ID laws in her new video campaign

This presidential election, Sarah Silverman urges voters: Get Nana a gun.

In her new YouTube campaign “Let My People Vote,” the comedienne aims to educate the masses on voter ID laws, which, in 11 states, require a valid driver’s license to cast a ballot.

The problem? Millions of Americans don’t have driver’s licenses, Silverman said.

Under Voter ID statutes, student and veteran IDs aren’t accepted, according to her goofy, four-minute PSA – but gun permits work.

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“That just feels so much more American,” she joked.

Language in the viral video, paid for by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, isn’t suitable for children or the workplace – but Silverman’s signature gross humor sheds light on a lesser-known voter requirement.

“Yes u need ID to fly but flying isn't a right. Voting is a right 4 all Americans, EVEN the ones that can't afford to fly,” she tweeted Friday, in a more serious note.

This isn’t Silverman’s first political effort. In 2008, she appeared in “The Great Schlep,” urging Jewish grandchildren to fly down to Florida and persuade their grandparents not to vote for John McCain.